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About DJDB

I started DJ Dirty Bass my Junior year of high school (2013 - 2014), I had edited before that but wasn't quite good enough to post them yet, sadly those files are lost. I edited the first few packs on my laptop when I got home from school. I really started getting popular in the car audio community when I started going to local audio competitions and people started using my edits and sharing it with their friends. The competition organization I would go to is called FCBC (For Competitors by Competitors), you can still catch me at FCBC competitions every once in a while.  I used different names for each pack up till pack 9. Most of which were silly. I switched to numbers on pack 9 because I forgot what the order of the Packs were without looking at the file date, this is probably for the best because the names for the packs got kind of dumb. A lot of my followers have been here since before I was even DJ Dirty Bass. But weather you've been here since the beginning or you joined just yesterday I appreciate you using my edits and hope you enjoy what I put out in the future.


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James Aho

Been a huge fan of DJ Dirty Bass’ music for quite some time, glad to see he’s back! 85% of my demo songs are hand picked from his albums.

Collin Patton

Has been my favorite for years now. Glad he's back. The patreon is well worth the 10 dollars. DJDB will always have my support.

Logan Byers

Sounds good, not distorted, and beats hard.
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