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Neohoe Pack 2!

the first half of Neohoe Pack 2 has been uploaded for subscribers! click the new link in the djdb edits page

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New Edit

Breaking Through (33andup) and (27andup) by Excision & Dion Timmer has been uploaded to Pack N20

2 New Edits

Good Vibes (28,32,36) and (22,26,29) by Chris Janson and Tennessee Whiskey (28andup) and (22andup) by Chris Stapleton has been uploaded to Pack N20

first 2 edits of Pack N20

Sass Pancakes (26,35) and (21,28) by Ashnikko and Dangerous (Oliver Remix) (26andup) and (21andup) by Big Data has been uploaded to Pack N20 for subscribers we are heading to0 XS Power this weekend so


Just in time for scrapin’! Hell yea


Is that million dollar baby the same edit as the last one you dropped?

DJ Dirty Bass
DJ Dirty Bass
Jun 17
Replying to

No i did it in JPs frequency range

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