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8gb drive


Bass Wars / park and pound competition pack:

4hz to 90hz


5 minutes long

Each track has 3 consecutive frequencies over music (ex. 32hz,33hz,34hz) the frequency changes every 1.5 seconds Song is no diggity by blackstreet

this should work for park and pound as well


Standard competition pack:

10hz to 90hz


Solid tone over music

Song is push that (clean) by lil john


short tones:

10hz to 95hz


10 seconds long


Long tones:

10hz to 95hz


4 minutes long


Woofer lube pack:


30 minute track

For breaking in and cooling off subwoofers, it is a 20hz tone that is on 10 seconds off 5 seconds, i also have a 15hz version



I have 4 different subwoofer sweeps (subsonic, low, high, and full sub sweep) I also have a midrange sweep, a tweeter sweep and a full range sweep (20k to 10hz)


Clean demo music pack:


About 400 songs

This is an assortment of music in various frequency ranges, all songs are free of cuss words but may have suggestive language


(these do not have the new packs on them i only had room for the clean music from the old packs)

8 GB Competition Flash Drive

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