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a couple things to note, ordering this does not guarentee that your request can be done, in the case that it can not i will refund your order or ask that you pick a different song. Im gonna go ahead and say that each request could have up to a month wait to be complete, that does not mean it WILL take a month but it could. edits will be sent to the email that the order is placed under so make sure you use an email you have access to.


here is a list of things i will likely not rebass;

- old country songs where the beat doesnt lign up consistantly

- rock and metal with fast pace drum kicks

- any song where the tempo of the song changes half way through or multiple times

- a recording of you and your buddies at karaoke night

- music from commercials (unless it is exceptionally funny)


things that i will rebass;

- most modern music

- most rap / hip hop

- anything that already slaps (at a different frequency)

- songs that will turn heads at shows


if you are not okay with any of this then do not order this item


if you have a high quality audio file email it to me at when you order

Custom Rebass (read description)

  • what I do is remove the original bass from the track using equalizers then add in my own frequencies to make the bass louder and lower or higher depending on what the customer wants


    rebass tech specs;

    -5 db on bass

    -0.5db on vocals (when applicable)

    MP3 format


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