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8gb drive


Bass Wars / park and pound competition pack:

4hz to 90hz


5 minutes long

Each track has 3 consecutive frequencies over music (ex. 32hz,33hz,34hz) the frequency changes every 1.5 seconds Song is no diggity by blackstreet

this should work for park and pound as well


Standard competition pack:

10hz to 90hz


Solid tone over music

Song is push that (clean) by lil john


short tones:

10hz to 95hz


10 seconds long


Long tones:

10hz to 95hz


4 minutes long


Woofer lube pack:


30 minute track

For breaking in and cooling off subwoofers, it is a 20hz tone that is on 10 seconds off 5 seconds, i also have a 15hz version



I have 4 different subwoofer sweeps (subsonic, low, high, and full sub sweep) I also have a midrange sweep, a tweeter sweep and a full range sweep (20k to 10hz)


Clean demo music pack:


About 400 songs

This is an assortment of music in various frequency ranges, all songs are free of cuss words but may have suggestive language


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