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We are leaving for slam today so I've uploaded this weekends songs for subscribers, daily uploads will resume next week!

Right Now (22,5 to 49,5) (Beat Dominator) and (18 to 40) by Rare Of Breed

He Don't Need To Know (30,36) and (24,29) by Reddy Redd

Hero (28andup) and (22andup) by Reddy Redd

and Reckless (28andup) and (22andup) by Seth Anthony

has been uploaded to Pack N18

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New Edit

Breaking Through (33andup) and (27andup) by Excision & Dion Timmer has been uploaded to Pack N20

2 New Edits

Good Vibes (28,32,36) and (22,26,29) by Chris Janson and Tennessee Whiskey (28andup) and (22andup) by Chris Stapleton has been uploaded to Pack N20

first 2 edits of Pack N20

Sass Pancakes (26,35) and (21,28) by Ashnikko and Dangerous (Oliver Remix) (26andup) and (21andup) by Big Data has been uploaded to Pack N20 for subscribers we are heading to0 XS Power this weekend so


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